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Online edition, November 2000

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Country / Western Dance Clubs.

Celebration Bash

Hello Twisters,

  Our debut at the TGRA is fast approaching. There is a performance team of ten people. This team represents all of us. Presently the primary focus has been the task of getting our program together, teaching it to the team and getting it the best we can make it. We have been very busy with rehearsals, and I want to take this opportunity to personally invite all of you to visit with us at those rehearsals--"Y’all are welcome!"   Also, after the debut performance at the TGRA Rodeo in Fort Worth, we would like to have a celebration get-together to which all, and I do mean ALL, are especially invited. This is your dance club and each and every one of you is an essential part of it. Further details of the celebration will be sent to every ‘Twister’ when they are known.   In the meantime be assured that we appreciate you all and need your support, not to mention your presence and friendship. Keep Twistin’ Ceejay


Texas Twisters go to the Movies

Movie projectorOn Saturday, November 4, we will be going as a group to the Outtakes Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at the Lakewood Theater (1825 Abrams), where they will be showing "Guys, Sex and Videotape," a collection of Men's Shorts (short FILMS, not boxers or spandex). Tickets cost $7.50 per person. For more info on the films that will be shown, check out the Outtakes website at http://www.outtakesdallas.org.

The film is running from 1-2:30pm, but due to the anticipated popularity of  the event, we would like to suggest meeting at the Lakewood no later than 12pm. Or, better yet, let's meet for brunch at Cafe Brazil (2221 Abrams, a few blocks north of the Lakewood Theater) at 10:30am and go to the theater together.

If you are coming to brunch, please let us know by November 2, so we can have an idea of how many people to expect. Any questions? E-mail or call us.

Hope to see you there.

TwisterThere must be Fifty
Ways to be a Twister
(OK, maybe only three…)
by Dan Sigale, Co-Chair

  OK, so let’s say you don’t want to commit to being on a C/W dance performance team. Who can blame you? We meet once, sometimes twice a week, and oh, the pressure! Well, just because you aren’t interested in performing doesn’t mean you can’t be a Texas Twister. All you need is an interest in Country/Western dancing and/or charity work.

  What if you don’t want to perform, but you still like to dance? Texas Twisters offers dance clinics (both couples and line dancing) that are open to EVERYONE, not just team members. In addition, we organize group outings to the Round Up in Dallas and the 651 Club in Fort Worth, and we are hoping to eventually sponsor our own social dance event. "But Dan," you may be thinking, "I don’t even dance!" Well then, what are you doing reading this newsletter? Just kidding. In fact, there are already members of Texas Twisters that can’t dance to save their lives! However, they like the idea of having a charitable C/W dance group in Dallas/Fort Worth, and since there are non-dance social events that are sponsored by the Twisters (like get-togethers and trips to the movies), they are able to be a part of the group anyway. Plus, we need groupies to come watch us perform and spread the word about performances! So join our performance team. Or just dance with us on occasion. Or don’t dance at all (but you’ll be missing out, I can assure you). Any way you choose to do it, you can still be a part of DFW’s newest Country/Western dance group. Just call us at (972) 993-2024, Ext. 1463 or visit our website at www.texastwisters.org.



Rainbow Cowboy Boot


Howdy all, and welcome to the first edition of the Texas Twisters newsletter.

  My name is Dave Hayes, and I am one of the founding members and Chairperson of Texas Twisters. I grew up in Upstate NY between Albany and Syracuse. I went to a very small school, and actually lived in the country. Country music was definitely not my favorite style of music. Oh, there were a few songs that I did enjoy, but I was definitely not a country fan.

  In 1992, I moved to Orlando, FL. It was a wonderful life decision. I still had not caught the country bug until one night in 1993, when I went to the local men’s bar. I had been there before, but this visit is one that changed my life. Upon entering, I walked around the bar with some friends. We proceeded out back and discovered a dance floor had been built. There was country music playing, and there were men two-stepping with other men. I was intrigued. I watched with excitement, song after song, dance after dance. Included with the couples’ dances were line dances. I decided, "This is something I just have to learn." The following Wednesday, I arrived for my first ever dance class. It was wonderful! This is where my country addiction began.

  After a year or so, I joined a dance group called Southern Country. They were a small group with a dance team. I wanted to be on the dance team so I started attending their rehearsals. I even volunteered to be on their board. In 97, I was nominated to be their President, but I declined. Southern Country was a founding member club of the International Association of Gay / Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (IAGLCWDC). You can visit their web site at http://www.iaglcwdc.org.

  I came to Dallas just over a year ago, and started immediately going out to dance. I always have a great time when dancing is involved. I was very surprised that Dallas did not have a dance club, considering its size. Many other smaller cities have fairly large clubs, but no dance venue like Dallas. I decided Dallas needed a new group, but how to start? Well, while in Houston for the IAGLCWDC convention last May, I saw Rowdy D. He was invited to judge the competition and perform. He had never been to one of the IAGLCWDC conventions, and really had a great time there. He said it was nothing like he had ever been to before.

  When we got back to Dallas, he said, "We need to start a group like we saw in Houston" I agreed, and it was that kick in the butt that got me talking to others, making calls and preparing to promote a dance group. I recruited the help of Dan S., who is now our Co-chair. With his assistance, we were able to get support from the Round Up, and the 651 in Ft. Worth, as well as the support of the dance instructors, who made announcements about our organizational meeting.

  We also passed out some informational cards and put up flyers to get the word out. On July 17th, we were on our way. Our first meeting was very successful, with 22 people in attendance. Our second meeting had almost as many people, and although some people did not return from the first meeting, there were many new faces. Rumor had it that some people’s feelings were hurt because they were not approached and given an info card, and therefore felt uninvited. They were told we were being selective. My response to this is that I had a vision of anyone interested being a part of this group. That is why I made flyers, and had the meeting announced. I decided that this group would not discriminate for ANY reason, and I still stand by that. The cards were simply one way to get information to people. They were available from the DJ and on the bulletin board. Had I tried to been exclusive, I would not have made any information public. I hope those people that felt that they were not invited to join will read this and decide to give us a chance.

  At the second meeting, we voted on a name and proposed bylaws. A committee was appointed to work the bylaws to suite our group. At the third meeting, the bylaws were adopted and the officers were selected. Texas Twisters was an official group. I was seeing my vision appear before my eyes.

  We are now rehearsing to perform at the TGRA Rodeo in Ft. Worth in November. We currently have 11 people committed to the dance group, as well as several others who are going to belong to the group but not perform.

  With all this in mind, I invite anyone who has not joined us for a meeting or dance class to show up. We have some really talented people involved, and we would like you to know that no matter what your dancing abilities are, you are welcome to become a Texas Twister.

  In closing, I am extremely happy for the commitment I have seen so far. I believe Texas Twisters can become a very successful part of the Dallas / Fort Worth community. All it takes is you to be a part of it. If you are interested in being a part of Texas Twisters, call us at 972-993-2024 X1463 or visit our website at http://www.texastwisters.org. We are ready to make you a part of our team!

Keep Twisting / Dancing / What-EVER!,


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10:30a – Café Brazil (2221 Abrams)

Texas Twisters Movie Day

Noon - Lakewood Theater

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Dance Team Rehearsal

7:30p - KC Dance Studio

Open To All

Dance Team Rehearsal

8:00p - KC Dance Studio

Open To All

Dance Team Rehearsal

8:30p - KC Dance Studio

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TGRA Dance Performance

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Dance Clinic

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Twisters General Meeting

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Dance Clinic

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