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Holiday Party 2005

Steeerike!"Bowl Your Boots Off!"
Our second year of holiday cheer on the lanes.


Bowling, pizza, and lots of laughs...

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(L-R) Tony, Sammy, and JJ

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(L-R) Lyle, David, and Scott

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(L-R) John, Burt, and Bob

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(L-R) Troy, Barry, Tony, Sammy,
JJ, and Ron


After bowling, the fun continued with our traditional "white elephant" gift exchange...

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Troy gets a fabulous new pair of shades!

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Burt shows off his stunning new
18-gazillion karat ring!

Click to enlarge
Ron is so proud he ended up
with ...uh... whatever it is!

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John is thrilled to finally have help with his shakes!

Click to enlarge
Lyle stops his search for a cork screw to pose with his gift!

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After having his gifts "stolen" several times, Bob ended up with what he's always wanted...chicken!

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Will is ecstatic to finally have a halter top to go with his grass skirt!

Click to enlarge
If only JJ knew that this prized gift wouldn't be his for long!


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