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 Texas Twisters Win "Top Club" Award
At The 2010 IAGLCWDC Annual in Austin!
At the dance competition held in conjunction with the 17th Annual Convention of the IAGLCWDC in Austin, Texas, members of the Texas Twisters rocked the house!

The Twisters brought home the "Top Club" award which is given to the club which has the largest number of competitive entries.  Let's have a huge round of congrats to our club members who competed and helped bring home this award for the Twisters.  The Twisters had four people competing who danced in three different categories of dance for a combined total of 14 competitor entries, giving the Texas Twisters top Club honors.

Here are the placements for individual competitors.

Luis R. -- Overall Champion, Advanced Line Dance
 -- 1st Place, "Wild Ponies
 -- 1st Place, "Show Me Wot You Got"
 -- 1st Place, "Spotlight"

Tony N.  -- 2nd Place Overall, Advanced Line Dance
 -- 2nd Place, "Wild Ponies
 -- 3rd Place, "Show Me Wot You Got"
 -- 2nd Place, "Spotlight"

Tony N. (Am), with Rowdy D. (Pro) -- 2nd Place Overall, Intermediate ProAm
-- 1st Place in Two-Step
-- 2nd Place in Waltz, Night Club, and West Coast Swing

Tony N. and <name withheld by request> -- 2nd Place Overall, Intermediate Couples
-- 1st Place in East Coast Swing
-- 2nd Place in Waltz and Two-Step
-- 3rd Place in West Coast Swing

Congratulations to our Club!
 Weather report for the Twisters....
Cloudy at the moment with a hint of sunshine on the horizon....

The Texas Twisters Dance Club still exists, but is not very active at the moment.  Due to declining membership and lack of interest, the 2008-2009 Board voted to place the club into a "holding pattern" in the hopes that the "forecast" would improve and new members would join and the club would grow and become more active again.

We found three members willing to serve as Board members to keep the club viable, on paper at least.  Three Board Members is the minimum number of members required to expend funds and make decisions on behalf of the club, and to maintain our 501-3c status as a non-profit organization.

 What the club needs most is active members!!
  A club is only as successful as its membership.  If you are interested in helping revive the Twisters as an active member, use our online registration form and join up, then contact our Treasurer and Acting Chair: Bob L.  view email address.

When registering online, membership dues are paid using PayPal.  

Click here for more information about membership in Texas Twisters and additional membership registration options.

The club also needs additional Board Members!
  If you are interested in serving in a leadership role, please contact our Treasurer and Acting Chair: Bob L. 
view email address


The club is still accepting donations on behalf of our beneficiaries.
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** A great way to help support our beneficiaries!
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Last update: May 31, 2010.