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SunDance 2001

A view of Ft. Lauderdale from the convention hotel. -- CLICK TO ENLARGEFort Lauderdale as seen from the 15th floor of the hotel.

The Boy wants to Cha Cha...

Rowdy & Suzanne performing -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

Rowdy and Suzanne were a big hit when they performed their comedy exhibition routine choreographed to "The boy wants to cha cha and the girl wants to twist."  

Rowdy & Suzanne performing -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

Rowdy in costume before the exibition routine. -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

What is there to say?  CLICK TO ENLARGE for a better view. What is there to be said....  

...the photographs pretty much say it all.   

Actually, the real story is quite harmless, so as to avoid any roomers, or is that bloomers?  Anyway, Team Twister had a get together in Rowdy & Suzanne's room after the awards ceremony.  Rowdy was running a bit late so to pass the time some team members (who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty) loaded up Rowdy's *ahem* undergarments with whatever came to hand.  Apple anyone?    


The Texas Twisters
Group Hug!

The Twisters & Suzanne
Doesn't she look fabulous!


Opening Ceremony...

flags01.jpg (54161 bytes)  -- CLICK TO ENLARGE
United Kingdom, United States

Five countries had representatives at the convention.

flags02.jpg (57207 bytes)  -- CLICK TO ENLARGE
United States, Germany,
The Netherlands


Exhibition numbers...

dolls02.jpg (35253 bytes)  -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

dolls01.jpg (41621 bytes) -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

This was a great number using blow up dolls for partners
performed by the Tampa Bay Renegades.

Prarie-Dogs02.jpg (46323 bytes)

Prarie-Dogs03.jpg (36789 bytes)

Prarie-Dogs01.jpg (64633 bytes)

The three photos directly above are from the two exhibition routines performed by  the Prairie Dogs.  These guys obviously have a lot of fun in their numbers.

Team Twister -- CLICK TO ENLARGETeam Twister performed "Country Comes to Town," our exhibition number on the first night of the convention.  It was the very first time the other teams had seen us dance.

Gene-in-costume.jpg (45098 bytes)Just before the the beginning of the dance we put a sound clip from Airplane "It's a Twister!  It's a Twister!"  along with "tornado noises" dubbed in from the movie Twister.  Gene (pictured to the right in the cow boxers) volunteered to spin his way across the dance floor waving a Texas flag and lip sync the "It's a Twister" line.  The whole team kept it a secret from Rowdy who didn't know a thing about it until the performance on Friday night.

Lunch at the Oasis...

Josh and Dan and Gene
Josh, Dan & Gene
Josh and Dan
Josh & Dan
Warren, Rowdy & Dan
Warren, Bob, Rowdy & Dan
   Lunch at what was to become a frequently visited restaurant because it was right across the street from the hotel.  They had these unique swinging tables.  The food was great and the company was fantastic, but we had entered the land of bad service....  

Part of the Twister Parade...

Line Dance Winners -- 1, 2, 3rd place overallThese are the three winners in the Individual Line Dance Competition.  (Left to right) Mary Anne won 1st place overall, Artie Hammond won 3rd place overall and Dan Sigale won 2nd place overall.  Good job guys!  The Twisters had one of the largest contingents (five people) competing in the Individual Line Dance Competition. Three of the five made the finals and the two team members pictured here won various individual dances and of course, the overall competition.  It was a Twister Parade...

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