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SunDance 2001

Twisters take Florida by Storm!

Team Twister after the awards ceremony in Florida 5-26-01Team Twister lived up to it's brand new motto "Taking Florida by Storm"  which was changed temporarily from "Taking Texas by Storm" just for the occasion.  If there was anyone who hadn't yet heard about IAGLCWDC's new group from Texas, they definitely had heard about us by the time the weekend was over.  It seemed like everywhere you turned there was a Twister. 

The event where the Twisters made such a splash was  the 8th Annual Convention of the IAGLCWDC held this past Memorial Day Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale (May 24-28, 2001) .  Under the direction of dance coach and choreographer Rowdy Dufrene, Team Twister, the competition and performance component of Texas Twisters, took home two 1st place trophies, winning both categories in which the team competed: "Team Line Dance" and "Team Couples Dance."

The Twisters also had six team members enter the Individual Line Dance and Couples events, one of the largest contingents from any team. In Couples Dance competition, Dan Sigale and Dave Hayes won 3rd place in the Waltz, 3rd in the Two-step, and took 3rd place overall in their Couples Division. In Individual Line Dance, Artie Hammond took 2nd place overall, and Dan Sigale took 3rd place overall. For a while it was a Twister parade as one or the other, or both of these two competitors went up to the front to receive their awards for each line dance. Individual Line Dance competition consists of six possible dances with 1st-3rd awarded for each dance. To be considered for overall placement a competitor must enter at least three of the six dances. The line dances were: Tush Push, Slave to the Habit (which was choreographed by team member Dave Hayes and his former dance partner), Metamorphosized, Dizzy, Bump in the Dark, and Dancing Machine. Another of the Twisters placed 4th in "Slave to the Habit." 

What makes the team's success at the competition even more impressive is that Texas Twisters was formed in August of 2000 (by comparison, several of the competing teams in IAGLCWDC have been dancing together for years). In addition to the two competition routines, the team also performed an exhibition routine on the opening night of the convention that was enthusiastically received by the convention attendees. Getting three routines to performance and competition levels in less than eight months is a remarkable achievement and the result of long hours of practice. 

As part of the preparation for the IAGLCWDC event, the team entered a team dance competition at the Texas Hoe-Down in Fort Worth last March, winning "First Place Overall" for their efforts. The Hoedown is a straight competition and part of the Fun Country competition circuit. 

The Texas Twisters is a Dallas/Fort Worth area Gay & Lesbian Country Western Dance Club. Club membership is open to anyone with an open mind and an interest in Country/Western Dance. Team membership obviously requires a higher level of commitment. 

The club holds regular Dance Clinics at either the Roundup or the 651. The Dance Clinics feature line dances and/or couples dance steps which are uncommon or new to the DFW area. All Dance Clinics are open to the public. The Twisters is also a charitable organization and will be scheduling fund raising events as soon as it receives its 501(3C) status.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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